Insecurity in nigeria


IT is no longer news that Nigeria has been experiencing insecurity for almost a decade. The insecurity which started from the last regime has taken its toll on the lives of Nigerians. it is painful that when this occur , the government only react by setting up a commission of inquiry and quite often , these inquiries are used as an instrument for destroying political oponent or achieving material benefit. in the end , neither the government nor the people learnt any lesson from the finding of such enquiries

The government need to be more proactive in its approach as terrorism is not agitation and such shouldnt be taken with levity. it is often said that when there is insecurity in the land and its seems theres no way out , the government needs to carry out a home work which may involve sanitizing its cabinet to see if there be any bad egg sponsoring these insecurity. the reluctant attitude of the government in eradicating this insecurity is giving a suspicion of its awareness if not its involvement.. NAIZY.

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